CAD Works to Empower Deaf Women and Increase Community Inclusion

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CAD Works to Empower Deaf Women and Increase Community Inclusion

June 8, 2007

The Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) is pleased to announce approval of funding for our new project, “Empowering Deaf Women in Canada”.

This project will ensure that services provided in the fields of violence against women and health care in Canada will respond to the needs of Deaf women, that Deaf women will understand their rights and the services available and that Deaf women can fully participate in the decision-making process.

Comparative studies have acknowledged that there is a lack of services for Deaf women in our country, placing Canadian Deaf women behind their peers in other parts of the Western World. CAD aims to ensure that women can be politically, socially, culturally and economically active in all facets of society. Our “Empowering Deaf Women in Canada” project will build a strong foundation that will allow women to take charge and be leaders in the Deaf community in Canada.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Deaf women will have the tools and support needed at the local level so that their knowledge of their rights is increased. They will know how to obtain appropriate services in the area of violence against women and other related services.
  • Deaf women will work with CAD to ensure that their issues and priorities are incorporated within CAD’s mandate and its strategic plan. CAD’s affiliate organizations and local Deaf organizations will work with Deaf women at grassroots level to identify the key priorities for Deaf women in their community.
  • Deaf women will be more active participants in their community and will be empowered to work with organizations in their community to ensure that services are well-suited to their needs.

Deaf women will be involved in this project directly, through working groups to be established in ten locations across the country. These working groups will identify existing gaps in service, assist in the creation of materials to respond to identified needs and work with organizations across Canada to increase the accessibility of their services. Participating women will be responsible to share information and knowledge pertaining to employment, discrimination, abuse, and health care to the Deaf community and especially to grassroots Deaf women groups.

Financial assistance for this project was provided by the Women’s Program, Status of Women Canada.

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To download the application form, please click here.

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