Another Scam!!!

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Another Scam!!!
March 5, 2015

Another fraudster is using our organization name to scam people. Please read this warning and protect yourself!

A man calling himself “Alan York” (he will probably use other fake names, too) is sending texts to people and telling them he is calling on behalf of the Canadian Association of the Deaf-Association des Sourds du Canada. He tells them he got their contact information from Kijiji. He asks them if he can send them money to buy products to give to orphanages, as the orphanages “don’t spend the money properly”. He says he is Deaf-Blind and there is no one they can call that speaks. Then he tries to get their banking information.

This is a FRAUD. We do NOT text people asking for banking information. We do NOT have anyone named Alan York involved in our organization.

If you are contacted by him, please do NOT believe anything he says. Please immediately forward the scamming text to the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre, You may also contact the anti-fraud division of West Virginia, as that is the area code of the number the scammer is using: