CAD Continues Fight for National Video Relay Services in Canada

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CAD Continues Fight for National Video Relay Services in Canada

February 1, 2012

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1 February, 2012 (Ottawa, ON) – The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) announces the latest steps in our battle for a permanent Video Relay Service (VRS) in Canada that includes spoken languages (English and French) and signed languages (American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des Signes Québécoise (LSQ)).

On February 9 and 10, 2012, CAD Vice President Frank Folino will meet with Scott Simms, Liberal Critics for Canadian Heritage and Vice Chair on Standing Committee for Canadian Heritage; Marc Garnaeau, Liberal House Leader; Rodger Cuzner, Liberal Critics for Human Resources & Skills Development and Labour and Vice Chair on Standing Committee for Human Resources, Skills and Social Development, and the Status of Persons with Disabilities; a representative from Liberal Interim Leader’s office; Geoff Regan, Liberal Critics for Industry and Consumer Affairs; Paul Calandera, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage; other possible Conservative Member of Parliaments; and Peter Julian from the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Mr. Folino, along with CAD Executive Director Jim Roots, will attend the final meeting of Bell Canada’s VRS Feasibility Study Advisory Council on February 16, 2012, in Toronto. The Council, which has been meeting regularly for one year, will review the final report for a national Video Relay Service (VRS). Also attending will be representatives from the Canadian Hearing Society, the Ontario Association of the Deaf, and Centre québécois de la déficience auditive

Bell Canada will submit the final report to the CRTC by the end of February. The report will cover topics such as program governance, technology requirements, numbers of projected calls, numbers of projected minutes, fraud protection, funding programs, education and outreach, and interpreter services.

CAD has launched an online petition to demand that the House of Commons, Government of Canada, Ministers of the Crown and Members of Parliament support a permanent national Video Relay Service (VRS) in Canada by this fall 2012. The online petition can be found by clicking here.

The CAD has been fighting for a national VRS since 2004 and will not stop until it is established on a permanent funded basis.


Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1940. It provides consultation and information on Deaf interests, conducts research and collects data regarding Deaf issues, and works with Deaf organizations and services agencies across the country. CAD promotes and protects the rights, needs, and concerns of Deaf people in Canada.

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