Fall 2009 Report

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Fall 2009 Report

November 23, 2009

by Doug Momotiuk, President
Canadian Deaf Education Fund

The board of trustees for the CDEF approved funding for court action to support the right of a Deaf girl to attend the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf in Belleville, Ont. This girl is culturally and linguistically Deaf. Her deafness is located in the brain instead of in the aural nerves, which meant audiograms showed near-normal hearing in the ears. The Ontario Government evaluated her application only on the audiograms and rejected her again and again. We won the court action to require the Government to take other factors into consideration such as the applicant’s culture and language and possible brain-deafness. This success will open up provincial schools to more Deaf students. Congratulations to the lawyer, Scott Simser, the parents, and Jim Roots for this success!

On-line Consultation: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
The Government of Canada is using on-line consultation to seek the views of Canadian disability communities about the ratification of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. On the behalf of CAD and its affiliates, I submitted our view in July. We recognize especially the five articles (2, 9, 21, 24, and 30) of the Convention that relate to Deaf issues. The disability organizations are urging the federal government to ratify the Convention on December 3, 2009 (international disability day).

End Exclusion 2009
Frank Folino was CAD’s representative to “End Exclusion 2009 – A Roundtable Dialogue on Disability Poverty / Enabling Citizenship” in Ottawa on October 1, 2009. The objective was to highlight concerns about poverty especially in the disability community.

Apology from ICED
The CAD wrote a letter to the Vancouver Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Educators of the Deaf and to all delegates around the world. This letter strongly requested a public and official apology from the 21st International Congress on Education of the Deaf for the action taken at the 1880 Milan ICED and the terrible effects these actions have had on Deaf communities and individuals around the world over the past 130 years, and also asked them to recognize and accept the resolution adopted by the World Federation of the Deaf at its 15th Congress in Madrid in 2007. Claire Anderson, Conference Chair, received this letter and forwarded it to their committee. We are also working closely with the B.C. committee that is negotiating with the ICED Organizing Committee on the wording of the apology; we would like to take this opportunity to wave hands to these Vancouver leaders for their strong-minded work on this important issue! Keep watching the CAD website for further information!