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Help Newfoundland Deaf Education!
February 1, 2011

Last summer, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador closed the Newfoundland School for the Deaf (NSD). No consultation was held with the community. No experts in Deaf education were consulted. No warning was given. No alternatives were offered.

Deaf children in NL were shoved into mainstream schools without any support services. The Minister of Education stonewalled all inquiries and protests. He ignored the hundreds of Deaf education experts and consumers who expressed anger and concern for the children.

We are not giving up! We are working to raise funds to fight back. We want an independent inquiry into why Deaf experts, educators, parents, graduates, and consumers were deliberately excluded from the process that decided to close NSD. We want an independent inquiry into what has happened to NL’s 199 deaf children.

Please support the fight for Deaf education and Deaf children! Go to this link: Donate to make an on-line donation to help fund the battle!

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