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July 9, 2009

The month of June 2009 saw the “official” launch of two more streets in Ottawa that are named in honour of Deaf Canadian leaders.

On June 12th, Dorothy Beam proudly posed for pictures beneath the sign-post for The street-name recognizes Dorothy for her lifelong leadership in the provincial and national Deaf community, and for being an outstanding role-model for Deaf women.

CAPTION: Dorothy Beam and Jim Roots pose beneath Beam Street sign.

On June 26th, Gary Malkowski was shocked to find himself on Malkowski Street, one block west of Beam Street The name recognizes Gary for his powerful leadership in the Deaf community over the past 30 years, including his term as the world’s first elected Deaf politician.

CAPTION: Gary Malkowski and CAD-ASC President Sheila Montney celebrate Malkowski Street Both street-names are part of Jim Roots’ personal campaign to develop a “Deaf neighbourhood” near his own home in the suburbs of Ottawa After nearly a decade of advocacy and lobbying, he has succeeded in getting five streets named in honour of Deaf Canadians.

Earlier honours went to Eleanor McPeake (McPeake Place), David and Polly Peikoff (Peikoff Crescent), and Robert McBrien McBrien Street This is almost certainly the only residential neighbourhood in the world where at least five streets are named in honour of Deaf leaders.

“The neighbourhood is now too fully developed for new streets to be built,” he says, “and the finished streets are too new for City Council to be willing to consider changing their names already.”