Parliamento Italiano = Loco !?

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Parliamento Italiano = Loco !?
May 27, 2011

25 May 2011

Parliamento Italiano:

The Canadian Association of the Deaf – Association canadienne des Sourds (CAD-ASC) strongly supports the recognition of the Italian Sign Language. The CAD-ASC stands with the Ente Nazionale per la protezione e l’assistenza del Sordi and Italian Deaf Communities to support full recognition of the native Sign language of Italy, Lingua dei Segni Italiana.

It would be a great insult and a colossal injustice if the Italian Parliament recognized the Italian Sign Language as nothing more than a “Language of Mime and Gesture”. Such an action would violate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) which mandates that all countries will recognize their respective native Sign language(s) as official languages deserving protection and promotion among the deaf and hard of hearing citizens of the country.

It would also ignore more than half a century of hard, substantiated proof that Sign is indeed a full language, not merely mime and gesture. Those who consider it unsystemic gestures are, at best, ignorant of 60+ years of academic and linguistic confirmation, or at worst, malicious vested interests determined upon the genocide of a distinct language, culture, and people.

Italy remains forever blotted by the vicious anti-Deaf decrees of the 1880 Milan Congress of Educators of the Deaf, decrees that were finally renounced by the world’s educators of the Deaf last summer. Do not replace such infamy with the fresh infamy of ignorantly proclaiming Sign language to be nothing but gesture.


Doug Momotiuk