Project Update: Strengthening Deaf Girls’ and Young Women’s Economic Prosperity

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February 12, 2014


Since March 2013, Canadian Association of the Deaf – Association des Sourds du Canada has been running a project, “Strengthening Deaf Girls and Young Women’s Economic Prosperity”. This project focuses on two age groups – ages 13 to 18 and 19 to 25. The two goals of this project are to improve the participants’ understanding of the importance of being financially independent and to improve their skills in networking and making connections with the Deaf community. The sessions will be provided throughout this winter and spring.

Robyn Mackie of Calgary, Alberta is the Project Director and Leanor Vlug of Vancouver, B.C. is the Advisory Committee Chair. They have been hard at work recruiting experienced Deaf women to be on the Advisory Committee – it now includes six women – Leanor, Linda Cundy of Edmonton, Norma Jean Taylor of Calgary, Linda Wall of London, Ontario, Alice Dulude of Montreal, Quebec, and Leanne Gallant of Halifax, Nova Scotia. These women have strong connections with their local Deaf communities and have had experience in teaching and working with groups, especially with Deaf youths. Their roles are to gather resources, give advice to the Project Director, and determine specific objectives according to the unique needs of each province.

There are Local Working Groups in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, and Halifax where local Deaf women will organize and assist the activities for girls and young women. The Advisory Committee and the Director have been consulting with LWG leaders to determine when is the best time the sessions will begin. The number of sessions will be determined by each Local Working Group with the understanding these two goals will be met – becoming aware of being financially independent and community event being organized. It has been found that when girls and young women are given the opportunity to plan a community event in general, they feel empowered and understand the importance of teamwork.

Robyn Mackie is the contact person for more information should anyone be interested in participating in this project. Her e-mail address: