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Summer Report

October 15, 2010

The Deaf Canada Conference 2010 absolutely rocked Vancouver, BC, in July, with another great biannual celebration of our community! The Canadian Association of the Deaf – Association des Sourds du Canada (CAD-ASC) waves crazy hands for coordinator Sarah Hrycenko and her team of hard-working helpers, who contributed hours of dedication and devotion to the event!

The CAD-ASC’s own Annual General Meeting preceded DCC’10. Acknowledging huge changes in the economic and social environment, we threw open the doors for all participants to join in a rousing discussion about changing the CAD’s structure and business model to match the new (tough!) realities of life in the 2010’s.

One example is our membership structure. In the past, we focused on building our voting membership only among provincial Deaf consumer organizations. There was no growth potential in this structure — Canada is not going to add any new provinces in the future! We need to develop a new structure that will open up membership to individuals, and yet still ensure that the provincial Deaf groups hold the balance of power within the CAD-ASC.

We also need to improve our social media presence. We’ve already established a Facebook page — now we’re adding a second page, a Twitter account, and in the near future we will have a blog. There will be some growing pains with these media, but we hope you will help us by spreading the word, becoming our “friend” and “follower”, and contributing your own thoughts to a lively discussion!

CAD-ASC Award Winners!
The Canadian Association of the Deaf handed out its biannual awards during the Deaf Canada Conference ’10 in Vancouver.

Gary Malkowski won the Henry Vlug Award for political, legal, or advocacy action towards the equality of Deaf Canadians.

Michel Lelievre, beloved interpreter, teacher, and role-model, won the Marshall Wick Award for excellence in Deaf education.

Yvon Mantha won the Arthur Hazlitt Leadership Award for his exceptional leadership in the Deaf community.

The late Phyllis Watson was inducted into the CAD-ASC Hall of Fame for her years of courageous advocacy on our behalf as the hearing mother of a Deaf son. Phyllis is the first and only non-Deaf person in the CAD-ASC Hall of Fame.

In addition, Martin Bergevin won the CAD-ASC’s joint award with the Council of Canadians with Disabilities for his work on behalf of all Canadians with disabilities.

Congratulations to the winners!