UPDATE!!! CRTC Still Delaying VRS!

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UPDATE!!! CRTC Still Delaying VRS!
May 25, 2012
Today, CRTC posted an announcement about Video Relay Service:


You will remember that Bell Canada finished researching VRS feasibility, how to set it up in Canada, how to pay for it…

Also Telus finished a test VRS, gathered in-depth information, and so on…

CRTC reviewed these reports and decided they are not enough! CRTC wants *more* research!

CRTC is just wasting time and money with all of these delays!

Also, CRTC says, “Text relay satisfies the vast majority of deaf/hard of hearing.” Really?! This is why CRTC thinks there is no need to rush and set up VRS — they think we are all happy with text relay!

This weekend, the CAD-ASC will write a letter and media release to oppose CRTC’s delays. Enough! Get on with it and set up VRS in Canada!