VRS Awareness Day: THANK YOU!

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VRS Awareness Day: THANK YOU!
October 1, 2012

On behalf of the Canadian Association of the Deaf, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to every Canadian who appeared and showed support at VRS Awareness Day event on Friday September 21, 2012. It has proven to be a very successful nation-wide occasion in our Deaf history!

We are grateful for the co-leadership by Frank Folino, CAD-ASC Vice President, and Kimberly Wood, a representative from BCVRS Committee, as they managed to coordinate and mobilize the event with 24 Chairpersons across Canada. Such an endeavor could not have happened without the help from each one of you and many other volunteers who dedicated their time and energy.

We also give our extensive gratitude to all guest speakers, organizations and associations, ASL/LSQ interpreters, interpreters, Deaf interpreters, Deaf-blind intervenors, and all volunteers for their participation in this unforgettable event.

We are pleased to have witnessed the remarkable hard work in making a memorable day for the Deaf community across the country.

We look forward to continued work with you in getting our own Video Relay Services in Canada, provided in both official languages (English and French) and official sign languages (ASL and LSQ).


Doug Momotiuk

The following people must be recognized and praised for their devotion in this history-making event:

National Coordinators:

Frank Folino, Vice President, Canadian Association of the Deaf
Kimberly Wood, Representative, BCVRS Committee

Provincial Chairpersons:

Kimberly Wood, British Columbia
Rylyn Kvarnberg, Alberta
Emil Kvarnberg, Alberta
Amorena Bartlett, Alberta
Allard Thomas, Saskatchewan
Leona Birley, Saskatchewan
Sheila Montney, Manitoba
Gunars Butkans, Manitoba
Anthony Cashin, Ontario
Sarah Moreland, Ontario
Maud Girault, Ontario/Quebec (Ottawa-Gatineau)
Darryl Hackett, Ontario/Quebec (Ottawa-Gatineau)
Pamela Witcher, Quebec
Suzanne LaForest, Quebec
Chrissy Montgomery, New Brunswick
Betty McDonald, Nova Scotia
Sheila Keats, Newfoundland and Labrador
Andrea Boundridge, Newfoundland and Labrador

French Translators:

Marie Danik
Desirée Rogers et son amie
Donna Castonguay-St-Jean
Evelyne Gounetenzi-Thooft
Joël LeMay
Jordan Goldman
Marie-Josée Blier
Maud Girault
Michael C. Kellett
Nathalie Desbois
Rachel Filion

BCVRS Committee:

Lisa Anderson-Kellett
Jodi Birley
Susan Masters
Ava Hawkins
Nigel Howard