Warning: Fraud Awareness

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Warning: Fraud Awareness

May 13, 2008

Recently there has been a very large increase in fraudulent fundraising that illegally uses our name and logo. This has even been happening in other countries.

The thieves use phone-calls, TTY-calls, MSN messaging, door-to-door collecting, email messages, and other methods.

There is a very simple rule to follow if anyone contacts you and claims to be fundraising for the CAD-ASC : THEY ARE LIARS!

  1. The CAD-ASC does not use door-to-door fundraising.
  2. The CAD-ASC does not use telephone fundraising.
  3. The CAD-ASC does not fundraise anywhere outside Canada.
  4. The CAD-ASC does not fundraise by sending out email requests.
  5. The CAD-ASC does not fundraise through MSN or any other form of messaging.

Anyone who contacts you by any of the methods listed above is NOT AUTHORIZED TO FUNDRAISE FOR THE CAD-ASC and should be reported to the police immediately.

We fundraise by two methods only:

  1. Our only electronic fundraising method is the link on our website, here.
  2. Our direct-mail fundraising letters always include a business-reply envelope pre-addressed to the CAD-ASC office at 251 Bank Street, Suite 203, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 9Z9. Any reply envelope with a different address is a fraud.

    What should you do if you are contacted by fraudsters?

    1. Try to get the person to give you as much information as possible about himself or herself. Names, phone numbers, email addresses, all of this information helps.
    2. Keep the record of the conversation. If it is an email or other electronic message, save it. If it is email or instant messaging, save the sender’s address or username. If it is phone-call, record the call display number. If it is door-to-door fundraising, use your Blackberry or cellphone to take a quick picture of the person. Every bit of information helps!
    3. Tell the person you “have to leave for an appointment right now” and ask for a number or an email address where you can get back to the person later to continue the conversation. Most of the fraudsters will not give you this information, but ask for it anyway.
    4. Notify the CAD-ASC and send us all the information you have about the attempted fraud. Notify the police and give them the information, too.

The CAD-ASC cannot be held responsible for any loss of money or other assets that you may lose through fraud. We need your help to stop it from happening.

Thank you for your support and concern!