OBJECTIVE #1: To improve organizational capacity.

Goal (a): Entrenchment of revenue generating core programs.
Goal (b): Strengthening of membership structure and representation.
Goal (c): Develop funds.
Goal (d): Provide training programs/workshops.
Goal (e): Increase Canadian Deaf Education Fund principle to $1,000,000 by 2010.

OBJECTIVE #2: To expand and develop communication and networking across sectors.

Goal (a): Addressing unresolved concerns about wireless communications.
Goal (b): Partnership with Statistics Canada.
Goal (c): Improving the CAD-ASC’s external and internal communications.
Goal (d): Providing training sessions for diversity groups within the Deaf community.
Goal (e): Strengthening CAD-ASC’s “footprint” in the community.

OBJECTIVE #3: To respond to existing and emerging issues.

Goal (a): “Safe houses” for Deaf people.
Goal (b): Privacy and security.
Goal (c): Emerging technologies.
Goal (d): Mental health issues in the workplace.

OBJECTIVE #4: To provide effective awareness of and response to needs of target constituency/stakeholders.

Goal (a): Deaf Youth Canada.
Goal (b): Education action.
Goal (c): Providing assistance and support to Deaf immigrants.
Goal (d): Addressing the needs of Deaf seniors and Deaf people who are terminally-ill or require long-term care.