Welcome to the Deaf Women Leadership Project
This project is designed to encourage women to be actively involved in their community by providing leadership tools to Deaf women in Canada. Participants will benefit from an extensive training session on leadership with participants paired with community leaders to acquire new skills through mentorship. Participants will be then able to provide a series of workshops on leadership and issues of importance to women in their local communities. As a result, we will see more women actively involved in the development of their communities.

Would you like to become more active in your community?

Attend the Deaf Women Leadership Training Conference. This conference would give you the opportunity to:

  • Provide a series of workshops in your local community (based on the community’s needs such as leadership, volunteerism, conflict resolution, self-advocacy, careers, etc.)
  • Evaluate and assist your local organizations in providing services and/or programs
  • Educate local and regional organizations in about Deaf women’s issues/needs
  • Assist in creating a network for Deaf women at the local and regional levels.

Become a mentor at the Deaf Women Leadership Training Conference. Being a mentor would allow you to:

  • Share your knowledge about women’s issues as well as in one of the areas of leadership (board development, creations of organizations, disabilities rights’, etc.)
  • Support and advise your fellow women attending the training conference by sharing your experiences and expertise.
  • Take part in a networking group and share your resources


If you are interested in applying as a participant or mentor, or if you would like more information, contact info@cad.ca