Scams and Spams: Beware!

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Scams and Spams: Beware!
January 15, 2007
Email and the Internet have been fantastic benefits for Deaf people! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who use these things to rip-off other people. Even more unfortunately, over the past year there have been many of these rip-off artists who specifically target Deaf people.

Often they claim to be Deaf themselves. Maybe they are — who knows? They know the correct terms and references to use. They will talk about TTYs and Sign language. They might even mention specific Deaf organizations.

Then they will ask you for your personal assistance. They will ask for your bank account number, or for other personal information.


One scammer sends out emails claiming to represent the “British Deaf International Association”. Sounds very legitimate, right? Isn’t that the national Deaf association of Great Britain? NO, IT’S NOT! There is no such organization! The person sending out this email is a thief and a liar. DO NOT RESPOND!

Any time you receive emails asking you for money, personal information, passwords, etc., you must assume it is a thief. If you are not sure about the legitimacy of any email you receive, forward it to us and we will advise you whether it is a scam or not.

Also, ignore any emails you receive that claim to be from banks or credit card companies. The real banks and credit card companies will NEVER send you an email UNLESS YOU SEND THEM ONE FIRST. For example, if you send an email to the accounts manager at your local branch to ask him/her a question about your account, then he/she will send you a response. But he/she will NEVER send you an email about your account unless you contact him/her first. An “unsolicited” email from a bank or credit card company is a scam, especially if it does not give the name and position of the sender. It is just another thief trying to steal your money, or even worse, steal your identity.

Be alert, be aware, be careful!