Warning: Fraud Awareness

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Warning: Fraud Awareness

March 25, 2008

It has come to our attention that two people are going door to door in some neighbourhoods claiming to be collecting funds for “The Canadian Association for Deaf-Mutes”.

We wish to state as strongly as possible that these people are not authorized to collect funds for any reputable organization of or for Deaf people.

There is no such organization as the Canadian Association for Deaf-Mutes. The very fact that they are using the term “deaf-mutes” is a dead giveaway that they are not legitimate fundraisers, because that term is anathema in the Deaf community.

The Canadian Association of the Deaf is the country’s oldest national disabled consumer advocacy organization. We have a proud 68-year history. We do not use door-to-door fundraisers at any time.

If you would like to support our work in helping Deaf Canadians, please contact us at the address, phone number, or email address listed at the foot of this page.

Thank you.

Canadian Association of the Deaf
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Ottawa, ON K2P 1X3
Voice: +1 (613) 565-2882
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