All Award Winners
The Arthur Hazlitt Leadership Award recognizes Deaf persons who have provided outstanding leadership in the Deaf community over a period of at least ten years, at the national, provincial, or local level.The name of this award honours Arthur Hazlitt, who, in addition to many years of service to the CAD, set an excellent example of a leader at the national, provincial, and local levels over a period of more than ten years.
1970 Eugene Fowler
1972 Bill Bain
1974 Forrest Nickerson
1976 Maureen Baskerville
1978 (No winner)
1980 Guy LeBoeuf
1982 Dorothy Beam
1984 Ronald Fee
1986 David Mason
1987 Arthur Hazlitt
1989 Charmaine Muise
1992 Leanor Vlug
1994 Gladys Doyle
1996 Lawrence Grant
1998 Bruce Koskie
2000 Arthur LeBlanc
2002 David Murison
2004 (No winner)
2006 Jules Desrosiers
2008 Grant Underschultz
2010 Yvon Mantha
2015 Lisa Anderson-Kellett
Award of Merit
The Award of Merit was established by the Canadian Association of the Deaf to recognize any person (Deaf or non-Deaf) who has made significant contributions to the well-being of Deaf persons in Canada.
1970 Emmett Casey
1972 Rev. Bob Rumball
1974 Graeme Wallace
1976 Sister Olivia Fiola
1978 Denis Morrice
1980 Sue Paquette
1982 Rev. Robert Bauer
1984 Bob Lucyk
1986 Jamie McDougall
1987 Gordon Ryall
1989 Bruce Jack
1992 Bonnie Dubienski
1994 Gordon Hein
1996 Myles Murphy
1998 Jolanta Lapiak
2000 Henry Vlug
2002 (No winner)
2004 Laverne Foster
2006 (Award discontinued)
The Canadian Association of the Deaf Hall of Fame was founded by members of the CAD Board of Directors in 1991 to recognize Life Members and outstanding individual contributions to the CAD.
1992 Keir McLean
1994 David Peikoff Robert McBrien
1996 Marshall Wick Joseph Rosnick
1998 Howard Lloyd Donald Kidd
2000 Henry Vlug Eleanor McPeake
2002 David Mason
2004 (No inductees)
2006 Len Mitchell Bruce Jack
2008 Arthur Hazlitt

2010 Phyllis WatsonTHE DIVERSITY AWARD
The Diversity Award recognizes individuals or groups that have promoted and supported diversity in the Deaf community. “Diversity” is understood to mean the inclusion and equality of Deaf persons of varying races, religions, ethnic background, disabilities, genders, ages, languages, and so on.

2006 Association des gais et lesbiennes sourds
2008 Ontario Association of the Deaf

2010 (No winner)
2015 Global Deaf Muslim Canada

The Henry Vlug Award is presented for political, legal, or advocacy action that has significantly increased the equality of Deaf Canadians. This should be for a single action, e.g., winning a legal case, but it could also be given for a lifetime of this kind of achievement. It is open to Deaf or hearing nominees.
The Henry Vlug Award is named in honour of Henry Vlug, Q.C., for his many successes in political, legal, and advocacy efforts to increase equality. These successes include actions that resulted in full captioning of television programming, provision of Sign language interpreters in post-secondary institutions, and accessibility in court proceedings.

2006 Henry Vlug
2008 Linda Cundy

2010 Gary Malkowski
2015 Christine Roschaert

The Marshall Wick Award recognizes achievement in the field of Deaf education. This could be for excellence in teaching, or for outstanding research work on Deaf education, or for activism in keeping a Deaf school open. It is open to Deaf or hearing nominees.
The name of this award honours Dr. E. Marshall Wick for his decades of devotion to the cause of Deaf education, both in Canada and in the United States, particularly his role in expanding the Canadian Deaf Education Fund in the 1970s and 1980s.

2006 Joanne Cripps
2008 David Mason

2010 Michel Lelievre
2015 Kristin Snoddon

The Deaf Youth Role-Model Award is chosen by youth members to honour people whom they admire as role models for young Deaf Canadians. It is open to Deaf nominees only.

The award may be given to recognize any Deaf person whom Deaf Youths identify as a positive and inspiring role-model in any field, including advocacy, education, personal development, employment, organization, media, sports, technology, and so on.

2006 Alice Dulude
2008 Evelyne Gounetenzi
2010 (No winner)

2015 Leanne Gallant