What is the OPEN UP! program about?

The OPEN UP! program is about sharing important information with Deaf people and people with other disabilities through a package of Sign language online videos, DVDs, and easy-to-read brochures.

We work with partner organizations and businesses to make their own information accessible to everyone. For example, we worked with the Canadian Cancer Society to make fully-accessible versions of their important information about cancer. We did the same with the Canadian Diabetes Society and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Why do we need the OPEN UP! program?

Millions of Canadians do not have an easy way to obtain and understand information. Deaf people prefer to watch video versions that use Sign language to make the information available to them. Hard of hearing people need captioning on the videos. People with intellectual or developmental disabilities, people with language or literacy difficulties, and others may struggle with text versions … even text written in so-called “Plain Language”, which actually requires Grade 10 or 11 literacy skills.

How will the OPEN UP! program make information accessible?

We adapt your written information to our patented “Simple Language” format to make it easily understood by people with intellectual, developmental, language, and literacy challenges. We film Deaf people presenting the information in Sign language, and we add both captioning and voice-over, so the video is accessible to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, unable to process written information, or blind and visually impaired. We can also provide French and langue des signes des québécoise (LSQ) versions on request!

Where can I get more information about the OPEN UP! program?

You can view samples on our website,, or order a complete package (e.g., the cancer information package) from our e-store or by emailing to

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