In 2017-18, CAD-ASC led a partnership of broadcasters, captioning services, academic researchers, and DDBHH groups that examined user responses to live closed captioning in Canada. This project addressed the need for a new way of measuring the accuracy of captioning for live programming such as sports, talk shows, and newscasts. The project was successful in convincing the CRTC to change the way that captioning accuracy of live programming is measured.

One of the major findings of the project was user frustration with the captioning of fast-paced live sports programming. Which was preferable to the viewer of hockey or basketball: attempts to caption the play-by-play and the commentary, or only the commentary, or a kind of summary of the play-by-play plus the commentary? Our current project, Understanding User Experiences of Play-by-Play Captioning in Fast-Paced Live Sports, is examining this question by using eye-tracking technology on participants. The project was temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is now active again and hopes to produce its report at the end of 2022.