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The CAD-ASC has three memberships: National Individual Membership, Provincial Affiliates and Organizational Affiliates

Join among thousands and become part of the Canadian Association of the Deaf-Association des Sourds du Canada (CAD-ASC), the oldest national consumer organization of, by and for Deaf individuals in Canada. As not-for-profit organization, the CAD-ASC welcomes everyone who supports its mission and objectives. Your membership makes it possible for the CAD-ASC to promote and protect the rights, needs and concerns of Deaf people in Canada through advocacy efforts for having its interests represented at national level.

National Individual Membership

    • Regular- $25.00/yr

Provincial and Organizational Affiliates

      • Provincial- $300/yr
      • Organizational- $75/yr

Benefits of Membership:

  • Receive documented verification of membership through email.
  • Receive regular updates and announcements.
  • Shall be entitled to certain privileges during Annual General Meetings, whether in-person or virtual (online). (Type of privilege is dependent on membership type. Look at the policy for more information)
  • 15% percent discount on all CAD-ASC publications and merchandise.
  • 15% discount for events such as conferences, workshops, training, town-hall meetings, and others.
  • May be invited to join committees, task forces, and/ or strategic teams.
  • May request the full AGM package of reports for the one year previous to membership.
  • May request the Minutes of AGMs up to three years before joining.
  • And more!


Click here for the Individual Membership Policy

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Contact the CAD-ASC office at for the Provincial Affiliates and Organizational Affiliates Form